"These assessments are the result of only the first week of service but honestly reflect really good impression so far. I've mentioned this positive experience to golfing buddies. Thanks for doing a great job this past week.  Ray"  - - Feb 2017

"Love that my husband & I found such a wonderful service to provide for our cat while we are away."  - - Dec 2017

"Very professional and great presentation." - - Dec 2017

"Great service tailored to a client's/pets needs, a great comfort when traveling to know pets are cared for by responsible professional people."  Dec 2017

"Very well taken care of and gave us a peace of mind." - - Nov 2017

"Could not be more pleased with the care and attention you have given to our Archie! It's been very hard for me to not see him in a daily basis, so your updates and pictures do wonders for me! Thank you!"  - - Nov 2017

"Trip reports alleviate lots of anxiety while gone. Response to changes were quick (ie bark collars) - communication was very good."  - - Oct 2017

"We loved the care our cat Tinker received through Ultimate Pet Services. Receiving the updates after each visit was wonderful. After our initial meet and greet with the caregivers, all concerns and fears we had about leaving Tinker went out the window. We highly recommend Ultimate Pet Services and will use them again with our next vacation. Thank you so much Ultimate Pet Services!" - - Sep 2017

"Super easy process to make sure my kitties were taken care of! I appreciated the meet and greet and thoroughness of questions asked (I never would've thought to ask those). Great service! I loved getting updates on my kitties and pictures of them every time the sitter would come." - - Sep 2017

"Love the ease of the client portal. It was nice to come home to happy dogs and a clean house. Also love reading the visit reports. Thorough! Thank you again!" - - Sep. 2017

"She took the time to let my puppy warm up to her and responded to suggestions. Definitely my first resource."  - - July 2017

"I felt completely comfortable using your service. This helped me relax and enjoy my vacation. I thought the level of service provided went above and beyond what I expected. Thank You....Highly recommend." -- July 2017

"We have 4 dachshunds and one cat - all are very demanding and difficult to deal with. Ultimate Pet Services (especially Jamie) handled it beautifully! We couldn't be more pleased (and we've gone thru several pet sitting services!!)." - - June 2017

"I am so happy that my husband met you and suggested I give you a call about caring for our pets. Thank so much for taking the anxiety out of our travel plans!" - May 2017

"We appreciate the attention and patience given to our dogs through Ultimate Pet Services." - - May 2017

"We were extremely satisfied with services provided by Bridgett and Larry and loved the fact they sent us pics and a form stating what services were provided. We could definitely enjoy our vacation easier knowing they were in capable hands." - - May 2017

"Jamie took excellent care of our Quincy and Penny and we loved getting the pictures every day. We're so glad your services are available in our area and we look forward to having you take care of our 'babies' again." - - May 2017

"You don't need to look further than Ultimate Pet Services. Bridgett and Larry set the bar extremely high for how a superior pet sitter takes care of your pets. They are extremely sensitive to one of my cats who is very nervous. The other 2 cats love to see them. I know they will be happy and healthy when I return home from a trip. There are not enough superlatives to describe them !"  - Joanne, May 2017

"We just used Bridget and Larry for the first time and we can't say enough good things about them.! They spent and hour and a half getting to know our pets and asked all the questions that I didn't even think of. They came three times a day and walked the dogs, played with them and made sure everything was good with them and our two cats. They even emailed pictures and a report each time they came. ... View more Awesome service from great people! So if you need pet services I would call them at 855-265-8654."  - - Lisa, May 2017

"I like the fact that Ben and I met everyone that might walk him, no strangers. And the email feedback is nice, too"  - - April, 2017
"Highly recommend. Very organized and thorough. No worries about my pet when in their care."  - - April 2017
"Loved getting the pictures and updates everyday! I never worried about the fur babies while I was gone; I knew they were in great hands! Thank you so much for making my vacation enjoyable with no worries!"  - - April, 2017
"Our dog normally gets kind of psychotic when we leave him at a kennel (he chews up his bedding) and acts as if we've FINALLY come back and saved him when we return. BUT with Ultimate Pet Services, we were able to leave our dog in his own home and we got wonderful, regular updates on their visits with our dog and when we came home, our dog was happy to see us but definitely NOT psycho, so we knew he had been made comfortable and happy! This makes going away so much more enjoyable for us!" - - April, 2017
"We felt confident that our pets were being cared for and appreciated the feedback while we were away"  March, 2017
"Very professional, and flexible!"  March, 2017
"I couldn't have asked for a more reliable, caring pet service. You were willing to work with me in spite of the last minute urgent need. You put the "serve" in service! Thank you a hundred times over."  - - March 2017
"Loved your service and will definitely use you again. The updates I received daily on my cat (Regina) put my mind at ease. Regina says thanks for being my 2nd best friend."  - February 2017
"I cannot say enough good things about Ultimate Pet Services ! They are amazing. I am a nervous Mom when I am traveling and they take excellent care of my 3 cats. They are truly the best pet sitters I have ever found...anywhere. We are so fortunate to have them in the Myrtle Beach area."  - Joanne, January 2017

"My wife and I have been using Larry and Bridgett, Ultimate Pet services, to care for our Cat for about the past two years.  My wife is very particular about her kitty, and she and I are both extremely satisfied with the care they provide while we are out of town.  We would not consider anyone else but Ultimate Pet Services to care for Sammy in our absence.  In addition, both Larry and Bridgett are completely trustworthy, which is as important as the care they provide.  I whole heartedly recommend Ultimate Pet Services for the care of your kitty."  - Matt, January 2017

"We have used their service for over a year.   I have 2 cats that unfortunately don't get along so we must keep one on each floor of our home when away.   Therefore we have two litters and two feedings that need to be done.  Their fees are extremely reasonable.   We came from Maryland and our petsitter there charged about $8 more per visit.  They are thorough AND very reliable, responsible and trustworthy.    Upon their initial meet and greet with you they will take notes on you and your pet(s).    An email and photo is texted to you after each visit.   They are extremely understanding if an issue should present itself while you are away.   I asked them for some additional help with one of my cats while away and they handled the situation without question.  They also will check mail and other small tasks as outlined in their brochure as all part of their fee.    I also find it comforting to have a trustworthy person come into my home while away as it adds an extra layer of security while we are away.   My pets and home are cared for and I have peace of mind.    We also live in Market Common and they are very close by.You won't go wrong to have them care for your kitty."  - Charlene & Ed, January 2017

"We moved down to this Myrtle Beach in the middle of August we have three kitty cats and we must keep one separated from the other two we had serious serious concerns to the point where her nerves are shattered when we were afraid of who is going to take care of our cats, we discuss this prior to moving and when we moved in we were absolutely beside ourselves. We asked around and then we also asked skip who was our being go to guy around here and we started checking them out the various people and I must tell you all my fears were absolutely put to rest when we met Bridget a Larry, including the security safety issues because I'm a little bit over-the-top when it comes to letting anyone in my home but I want to assure you that that is not a problem! After then spending quite some time at our house that one early Saturday morning and going over every little detail we felt very comfortable and they have since that time taking care of our kitty cats and our mail and our newspaper several times.  And we absolutely love how they send us a picture of all three kitty cat we have one who is so shy he hides in furniture and one who cannot be with the other two it's a long story but my point is Julie  I cannot speak highly enough." - Helen & Rich, January 2017.

"We recommend Ultimate Pet Services.  Have used them for about a year now.  Larry and Bridget are responsible and trustworthy and here in Market Common.  My cats are not only cared for but I also feel secure that they come into the house and it adds that extra set of safety for us.  Also their rates are very reasonable."  - Ed & Charr, December 2016

"We use Ultimate Pet Services. Bridgette and Larry are great. You can order your services online and they email updates with pictures every visit. 855-265-8654" - Susan, November 2016

"We love Bridgett and Larry and there newest addition Kaitie. They make going away easy, knowing your pet family is in the best hands." - Barb, November 2016

"We have used Ultimate Pet Services (Larry&Bridgett) many times over the last 2 years for our two dogs. We feel very confident that our dogs are watched with love and care. Additionally they are very trustworthy and run a very professional operation."  Denise & Carl, November 2016

"Definitely recommend....I have been using Larry/Bridgette from Ultimate Pet Sitting for nearly two years. They come as scheduled and adjust to the day/weather to get the play time our cat and dog love! I think my 'kids' wished we left more often!"  - Lisa, October 2016

"I cannot say enough positive things about Bridgett and Larry. This is a first class pet sitting company ! The attention and details delivered are the best that I have ever experienced. During Hurricane Matthew, they took extraordinary care to keep owners informed on the status of the hurricane and made plans to move the pets to safety in the event of evacuation. I consider this to be above and beyond and the hallmark for extraordinary pet sitters !" - Joanne, October 2016

"New to the area & needed to go to a wedding in Texas. Ultimate Pet Services stepped in & saved the day. They not only took great care of our three cats but sent pictures daily of how well the kitties were doing. Bridgett & Larry are fantastic!" - Robert, October 2016

"This is a wonderful service that allows me to travel and have my pets stay at home. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested. They are on time and do a great job!"  - Alice, October 2016

"I've used Ultimate Pet Services many times and they take care of my pets right in my home. It's so much easier for the animals...and for me! Very professional and take very good care of my pets. Highly recommend!"  - Pam, September 2016

"I have used many pet services over the years and I can tell you that Ultimate Pet Services is the best I have ever seen. they take such good care of my dog I can only wonder why he would want me to come back. Seriously, they are very, very good and you can feel safe and secure leaving your pet in their care."  -  Hope & Mike, September 2016

"Have taken care of our 20 year old cat several times. Sends email with pictures and updates. We have been very pleased."  - Deborah, August 2016

"Thank you Bridgett and Larry for "above and beyond" service!! You two are awesome!! :)" - 10 July, 2016

"I am so very grateful to Bridget and Larry for their fast response in fitting our three babies into their busy schedule on such short notice during my husband's medical emergency. They are kind, attentive, trustworthy and truly gifted with animals. I just wish they had more time to spend during overnight visits so we could hire them for vacations!" - June 23, 2016

"Great service and just what I needed!" - June 14, 2016

"We found Bridgett & Larry through NextDoor.  I bumped into Larry and we exchanged contact info. A few emails later, and we had our first meet and greet scheduled....Very impressive intake process they have.  They're extremely thorough with every aspect of our dog's care, and even our home!  Our first sitting was this weekend, and their timing was right, they spent more time with our dog than I'd expected, and I feel their rates are reasonable.  I look forward to using their services again in the future: I've been instilled with great confidence!  They even share text updates during visits to let us know everything has gone well.  Highly recommended!" - Mike, May, 2016

"Both Larry and Bridget were very nice, responsive to texts and noticed that I had left enough for 3 visits in case we needed a 3rd visit. They sent a text with a picture and let me know that my dog was doing well. I got back to a very happy dog who seemed very well taken care of by Bridget and Larry. I look forward to using their services again in the future. It was a pleasure speaking with Bridget and Larry and hope that Ultimate Pet Services continues to grow and be a successful company and pillar of the Myrtle Beach Community." - May 29, 2016

"Excellent job on short notice this time.  Sending us pictures of our cats everyday really eased our minds. Thanks again for taking such good care of them."  -  Dale and Paula, May 2016

"Bridget and Larry took great care of my dog. Regular updates with picture during every visit. Good people and I am glad that I used them."  May 14, 2016

"We do not have any complaints whatsoever!!!  !Larry & Bridgett have been extremely accommodating and professional, and took excellent care of all of our pets while we were away. Can't say enough good things! "  - May 9, 2016

"Were so relieved to find someone who could help us with Rocky's eye medicine. Honestly don't know what we would have done without your help! "  - April 2016

"Extremely Pleased - Initial visit with Bridgett and Larry calmed my wife's fear of leaving Crosby and Izzy with others. They went over everything and we have no problem recommending them to others. Crosby and Izzy loved having them take care of them. Thanks Bridgett and Larry." - Tom in Little Falls, NY - March 2016

"Bridgett and Larry are wonderful caring people I have already told several people here at our hotel how great they were with our precious little Yorkie, Emma.  I would recommend their services highly. " - - Ken and Kathy,  Feb. 2016

"Cannot recommend highly enough. Larry and Bridgett are wonderful. Totally trust them with my puppy. They also helped me out at the last minute. Love them."  - February 2016

"If i could give them 10 stars I would. I always know that when I leave for my 12-hour hospital shift my dog molly is in good hands. They are EXTREMELY accommodating and flexible. I love that i can call the day before and schedule a30-minute walk or ride to camp bow wow. I was referred to their services for rides to camp bow wow but when i found out that they did walks it was even better and i have been so happy. They are very trustworthy and communicate with you when they are with your pet. I get a picture of molly every time they are with her and she is always a very happy girl! "  - -Lexi, December 2015

"We were highly satisfied. Our bunnies were very well taken care of and I loved getting daily pictures. We will definitely use you guys again."  December 2015

My regular pet sitters moved out of the area for good, fortunately Ultimate Pet Services was able to watch my kitties when I had to leave town twice this summer. Bridgett & Larry have great attention to detail, will follow your instructions exactly, and will send you text/email messages after each visit. On top of that they leave a daily report card summarizing each visit, no pet sitter I've ever had does that. If there's a problem they'll alert you promptly and will stick around until it's resolved. The 3rd day I was out of town they alerted me that the a/c unit broke down and the apartment temp was getting very warm. Bridgett & Larry stayed around until I could get an HVAC specialist there to repair the unit. Will definitely have them care for my kitties again.”  - - Bob, August 2015

Bridgett provided excellent care for our two cats for two weeks during our move to a new state. She assisted us with the paper work and crate signage necessary to fly our cats across country and transportation to the airport. She also went above and beyond when our nervous cat defecated in the kennel on the way to the airport and proceeded to spread it around the kennel. She cleaned up the mess and had our cats to the airport on time. Our cats arrived safely at our new home and it was all thanks to Bridgett.  Thank you Bridgett!”  - - Jacqueline

"Hi. I just checked out your website and saw my picture. I am one handsome Springer. Thanks for posting my picture and taking such good care of me. I loved the tummy rubs before and after our walks. I also loved having a chance to run with you; that was great fun. Mommy is happy that Daddy found a very caring and reliable service in Ultimate Pet Services."  -- Hope for Fawkes

"Thank you for taking amazing care of Pepper and Dillon!"  - - Carl

"Thanks for everything!  You were great and please use us as a reference."  - - Buddy

"  You provide a great service that comes with peace of mind which is priceless. The ability to leave your pets in their familiar surroundings is sometimes the only answer for us pet owners." - - Georgene


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