Bridgett Hudson Named Chairperson for the Adoption Ambassador Program

Bridgett Hudson, owner of Ultimate Pet Services, has been named the Chairperson for the Adoption Ambassador Program at the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach (HSNMB).

The HSNMB recently was awarded a grant from the ASPCA to help their foster program grow. Therefore, the “Adoption Ambassador” program was created. Tine Hunter, Operations Manager at the HSNMB, said “we are looking for anyone who is passionate about saving homeless pets to join our Adoption Ambassador Team, especially business owners, who are willing to keep a shelter cat on display in their business or bring foster dogs to work.”

The Program is an innovative initiative where Foster Parents, also known as Adoption Ambassadors, are empowered to become adoption counselors on behalf of the HSNMB to find and approve their fostered pets’ adoptions.

This program will enable the shelter to help more animals annually by reducing the overcrowding in the shelter and helping to reach a new market of potential adopters. The HSNMB will provide new Adoption Ambassadors with all the supplies (cages, food, liter, etc.) needed to care for their foster pets and extensive support. The HSNMB will also help you market your foster pet, which will result in free advertising for your business!

If you are interested in partnering with the HSNMB to help save our community’s homeless pets, please call Bridgett Hudson at 843-642-8818 or via email at