Week 1 with Porky

Porky is doing well adjusting to a home environment.

We have found that he is very much a snuggle bunny.

And he is very smart - instead of jumping on the door to go outside, he now nudges the door handle; knows "off" (kinda, but getting there); hopefully soon, we will be able to get him into basic training to learn how to sit, stay, etc.  We are confident that he will learn very quickly.

We are so fortunate to Foster Porky.  He is so very loving.  He will lay next to us on the sofa and snuggle as closely as possible, loves to play with his toys, and loves running around outside.

Porky is available for adoption.  If you are interested, please call us at 855-265-8654 or email us at bridgett@ultimatepetservices.net

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