Can You Vacation with Your Pet?

The answer to this question is "yes" and "no".

What are the options?: 

  • Take Fido & Tigger with you
  • Leave Fido & Tigger at a local kennel
  • Hire a pet sitter to care for Fido & Tigger in your home while you are away

There are plenty of places that accept pets.  Each with their own set of rules and guidelines.  Campgrounds, hotels, and vacations rentals will sometimes welcome pets.  Some charge a fee, others limit size and breed.  Some require that the pet is never left alone in the room.  So if you plan on spending the day at the beach or taking a day trip to a place you can't bring your pet, what do you do?   You can hire a local pet sitter that can stay with your pet at your hotel while you are away or take them to the local pet day camp for the day.  Be sure to check them out first.  All reputable pet sitters offer and require a free Meet & Greet prior to any assignment to get to know your pet and you and to ensure that they are a good match for your pet.

Local Kennels can offer great service for your pet.  Be sure to take a tour of the facility before you book.  Check out the areas where your pet will be:  kennel, bedding, walk area, play area, common area.  Ask about what is included in the boarding fee:  play time, walk time, special snacks, exit bath, do you supply the food or does the kennel, etc.  Since each pet has different needs, most kennels charge extra for anything other than basic boarding. 

If your pet needs the comfort and security of being in its own home, hire a pet sitter.  Generally, for Tigger a once a day visit to play, feed/water, give necessary medications, clean the box is sufficient.  Fido, on the other hand will need at least 3 visits a day for walk, play, feed/water, give necessary medications.  Most pet sitters charge by the visit so if Fido is a bit young or older he may need 4 visits a day.  You pet sitter should also offer free services during his visit such as bring in the mail/newspaper, take out/bring in trash bin on garbage day, water house plants, etc.  Be sure to ask if they charge extra for any services such as medication administration.

With so many choices it is important to first decide what will ensure your highest level of comfort in the care of your pet.  That will help narrow down your list of possibilities and where to start your search for the best possible match for your situation.

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